The recent work in oil has basically been a continuation of my work in the medium for the past decade. In much the same way that I use other painting media, layers of moderately thick to very thin layers of oil paint are built up to develop glowing lights and rich, deep darks.  Without the dark accents, the lightest areas cannot stand out strongly – and so it is in the inverse, regarding the darks standing out vividly.  Whether on linen or canvas or panel, I keep the surfaces quite smooth in order to avoid textural components that might interfere with the illusions of atmosphere in the works.

If you are interested in any of the paintings represented on this site, or wish to inquire about or discuss a commission, please click the Contact link above and submit your query.  Available paintings can be supplied promptly; the timing on commissions completions is dependent upon schedules and other factors, but I will work to meet your timetable.

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